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How can architecture depict the change of time, the dynamism of activities and the sensual experience? Both site analysis and experimentation with formal representations helped calibrate the complexity of this spatial dynamism.

In both picturesque and surrealist paintings, there always seems to be a winding path, conspicuous or not, that takes the eyes into the unknown, an esoteric fourth dimension. This adventurous yet mysterious journey was the spatial experience that shaped the architecture - a conflation of french hotel and pleasure garden, in the form of an infinite swirl made of undulating circular ribbons, emblematic of the dynamic between different programs that converge and diverge, compressing time and motions.

Located at the intersection of Broadway and 79th, between high-rises and the Hudson river, the swirl complex acts as an organization of green and lodging belts that unfolds vertical density into a new urban horizon.

New York City

Columbia GSAPP advanced studio summer 2017 

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Final Plan reduced copy.jpg